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The Incubation Centre 4 is an initiative that aims to inspire young South African entrepreneurs to develop into successful leaders of industry 4.0. By facilitating business ideation and creation, eligible candidates will benefit from a programme that invests in them and their innovative ideas, and also provides the necessary support required for their vision.


To enable and upskill young South African citizens with the ability to build new Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) companies for the world of the future. The vision is to also create an enabling eco-system that new and existing companies can leverage in order to build the technologies that will lead South Africa into the 4th Industrial Revolution.


To ensure that talented South Africans are equipped with the right skills and opportunities to contribute to the economy, create jobs and instigate economic growth.

Candidate criteria

Candidates need to be ambitious and motivated by the desire to start their own businesses within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and/or Education/Learning industries. If you are interested in ICT, Next Generation Media Formats such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), data science, blockchain and creative programming solutions, then this is an opportunity you should not miss. Viable candidates for the 2018 intake need to be available full-time in Cape Town for the period between April 2018 – December 2018.

Recruitment process

All candidates must complete an online assessment and write a motivational letter that will then be submitted for potential selection. Successful candidates will be notified and given further information pertaining to the Incubation Centre 4 Boot Camp.

Application process for the Incubator 4.40


What opportunity are you offering me?

An opportunity to start your own business in your area of technical specialisation with the following support: business training, specialist technical skills training, networking opportunities, mentorship, access to the market for your specialist services, equipment and software, an office environment, business coaching, project opportunities, financial services – and, above all, your first project is guaranteed once you’ve completed the programme!

What is an incubator?

An incubator is a supported way of starting a business: practical business and specialised skills, training and tools, one-on-one mentorship from skilled coaches, networking and group work with fellow entrepreneurs, and a contract to kick-start your business upon successful completion of the year-long Incubation process.

Am I the right person to apply to the Incubator?

If you have a desire to make an impact through the use of technology, and you think you have what it takes to run your own business but need help getting started, we’ll guide and support you. If you are already running a small technology or freelancing business, we will help you scale and grow sustainably.

What kind of business or business ideas is the Incubator looking for?

We are looking for technology start-ups in the following specialist areas:

  1. Interactive Video
  2. Augmented Reality (AR)
  3. Virtual Reality (VR)
  4. Data Science (Big Data, Data Analytics)
  5. Developers/Coders

What is the start date of the programme?

You need to apply by 30 March 2018. The Incubation programme starts on 9 April 2018.

Is there a cost involved for individuals who start the programme?

No, the Incubator will cover all the costs.

Where will the Incubator be based?

Century City, Cape Town.

I don’t live in Cape Town. Can I still apply?

All applicants need to be in Cape Town for the duration of the programme.

Can I apply if I am currently working?

You will need to be able to commit full-time to the 4-month Academy process and then, if you are selected, to the 5-month Incubation Hub that follows.

What can I expect during the Boot Camp Week?

The Incubator is structured to be competitive. This means that during the week, there will be various activities with ongoing evaluation. The Boot Camp will conclude on the Friday of the Boot Camp Week with a 5-minute ‘Elevator Pitch’ presentation. A panel of seasoned experts will help to select the top 20 candidates that will enter the first phase of the Incubation process. It is important to note that, if insufficient candidates meet the criteria for the programme, the Incubator may choose to select fewer candidates at the end of the Boot Camp.

I already have a start-up business. Can I still join the Incubator?

You are still welcome to join the Incubator, however, you will need to be able to commit full-time to the 4-month Academy process and then, if you are selected, to the 5-month Incubation Hub that follows. Nevertheless, you should be able to service any existing contracts you may have.

What will an average day in the Incubator Academy entail?

An average day in the Incubator Academy phase (the first 4 months) will include participating in a variety of activities such as off-site technical skills and business workshops, spending time with your mentor, and networking.

What will an average day in the Incubator Hub entail?

In the first phase, an average day will include various forms of training, including instructor-led, online and LBE (learning by experiencing) with a mentor.
In the second phase, an average day in the Incubation Hub phase will include applying your business model and taking your services to the market. You will be working in our office spaces with business mentoring, coaching and support, financial services support, and access to market support.

What will I be measured against/what assessments would I be expected to complete?

The assessments in the Incubation Academy phase (the first 4 months) will comprise a combination of self-assessments, coaching reports, performance evaluation against agreed-on criteria, technical assessments, and a portfolio of evidence. Some online examinations from vendors may also be included, but this depends on the specific curriculum.

How will my business get access to the market?

Incubator Centre 4 has a broad spectrum of existing clients across most industries in South Africa. It has an established Access to Market team that will help you take your SMME products and services to the market, ‘teeing up’ sales opportunities for you to close.

Can I choose my mentor and coach?

We will do our best to carefully consider the various combinations of interests, required skills and personal chemistry when pairing you with your coach and mentor. However, all final decisions in this regard are completely at the discretion of the Incubator.

Will I be able to access investments?

The focus of the Incubator is to get you up and running without the initial need for investment. As your SMME business grows, you might explore the networking channels you have been exposed to, in order to secure investments. Your business coach can advise you on this as you grow.

What happens after the first 4 months if I don’t make it to the Incubator Hub?

You may make an application to join our Freelance Portal where you will be able to independently market your specialist services.

Do I need to have any formal qualifications?

No, not necessarily. The assessment and recruitment process will take into consideration your current knowledge, skills, experience, aptitude, passion and attitude.

How does the ownership of the business work after the Incubation period?

You will be registered as an SMME business and have full ownership of the business.


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